Razor Pro Model Stunt Scooter – is it as sharp as it says it is?

I am a mum of two energetic boys. My eldest has just started Reception and our daily school journey is a frantic 17 minute walk.

His original scooter was one of those very popular three wheeled plastic ones (he kindly opted cheap jerseys for the limited edition yellow, orange and green one, which wasn’t cheap!). He absolutely loved this scooter but he unfortunately outgrew it by the early part of this year.  I looked at upgrading to the other models but had to put my foot down at their ridiculous prices.

This is where my journey started with Razor. I was amazed by the sheer variety they had available. Adults and children’s History scooters. We eventually whittled it down to the Pro Model Stunt. It had very good reviews and looked a little different to the average 2 wheeled scooters, so it would be noticeable in the sea of school scooters collection point. It was also on offer at the time so only cost us about £30….huge bargain.

My son love, love loves his scooter. I seriously can’t emphasis it enough. It took him about 20 mins to adjust from using the three wheeled scooter handling to this two wheeled scooter. He is so fast on it, but the brakes are δημοσιογραφ?α? very good and so far he hasn’t had wholesale nfl jerseys any major incidents, he has been using it 2 for about 7 months. He has fallen off it but he just gets ups and carries on, even faster sometimes.

The frame is very robust. It does feel like a solid piece of metal, unlike his light and plasticky previous scooter. My son is pleased he has moved on from a ‘baby’ scooter to a ‘big boy’ scooter.

The best things LV-Fahrt about the Razor scooter, is that it is torta a good Eat! brand with thought and design going into every model. The scooter easily folds away so I can put it in the buggy when I am out with both my boys or I can extend the handlebar wholesale nfl jerseys and I can wholesale jerseys ride it too, as the max weight restriction easily accommodates an average adult…..and it’s so much fun!

So, have Razor won me over? A resounding yes!

Disclaimer: I bought this item myself. cheap nba jerseys All views and opinions are my own.

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