Scooby Doo Hide and Seek toy

We recently celebrated a birthday for one of my children and in the plethora of gifts received was a Scooby Doo Hide and Seek toy.

I don’t know who was more excited to play with this toy, my children or me!

There are a couple of ways to play with the Scooby.  One person hides Sccoby while the other person uses the seperate remote control to try and locate the hidden Scooby. The remote control ‘talks’ to you to let you know if you are hot, warm or cold.  My two children have also played with Scooby without using the remote (when they accidentally hid the remote instead of the Scooby toy!).

This is a great toy which the whole family will enjoy. The actual toy is also great as a cuddly toy. Since we have had it Scooby has never been left alone and I’m sure we will get many years of fun out of it…. and if the children ever tire of it I know a certain pair of parents who will gladly play with it instead!

Disclaimer: I bought this item myself. All views and opinions are my own.

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