Kazoo headphones for children

I’m sure you are all too aware of the various sounds emanating from our childrens’ glorious ipads, iphones, TV’s, tablets etc etc.  It’s constant noise pollution.

Which is why we have decided to invest in a pair of headphones.  We have two boys, who are always playing videos, games etc. So we needed a pair which would not only be suitable for their delicate ears, but be durable and fun enough for them to be interested in putting them on.

We finally chose the Kazoo MyPhones, which came in a frog design or a penguin design. We purchased the frog version for my 2 year old.  We were a little worried he would not like them as he hates to wear anything on his head, even a hat! So I waited nervously for the forthcoming battle of trying to get him to put them on!

To my utter surprise, as soon as he saw them he put them on.  Even without plugging them into anything he was wandering around the house. He adores them.

Now that my youngest has the frog ones, my eldest, who is 4 years old, wanted the penguin ones, which arrived today.  He is going to love these.

The cable is long enough, but not too long that children get tangled in them.  They are very durable and have survived a few knocks so far and not a scratch is on them. Most importantly, they are suitable for young ears, as there is a volume limiting capability, which means the volume cannot go above the recommended limit.  They are comfortable and extremely funky.  The children look too cool!

These can be used everyday as well as on flights as the connection fits standard ports. They are lightweight so perfect for holidays.

I think these are a perfect size for a stocking filler, which also means you get a present yourself (peace and quiet!).  Enjoy them…..they even fit my head!

These can be bought from most good retailers.


Disclaimer: I bought this item myself. All views and opinions are my own.

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