Christmas dessert vs. Christmas pudding

The turkey with all the trimmings has been consumed (unless you went for the fish or veg option) and you couldn’t possibly eat another thing. You are literally more stuffed than the turkey was! Another roast potato would make you combust.

Then,  five minutes later,  dessert. You lick your lips and think, “what shall I have, Christmas pudding or dessert? “.

The Christmas pudding has always been on show at our Christmas lunches. We light the pudding and all stand back in excitement at the flames licking away at the brandy flames. We have our brandy butter available too.

Then,  when it comes to cutting and eating the Christmas pudding no one ever eats it and always opts for the Christmas dessert instead. The pudding has been deserted!

Who else’s household does this?

Personally, I dislike Christmas cake or fruit cakes. They are just not my thing. Give me a sticky toffee pudding any day of the week!  It’s a lovely Christmas dessert.

What do you have?

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