Bring the outdoors, indoors!

Yes, it’s wet.  Yes, it’s cold.  Yes, it’s wet and cold!

This weather seems never ending.  When you think it is stopping it rears its ugly head again!

For those of us who are desperate to go outside and play again, I’ve found that we can do some of our outdoor activities inside.

Catch is such a good game to play for all age groups, toddlers to teenagers and beyond.  We used to play catch outside in the garden, but I think most of us have forgotten where the garden door is as it’s been so seldom used over the last few months!

We ingeniously decided to bring the game of catch indoors with the use of Mookie’s Catcherball game.  This is a simple game but one which can be used outdoors and indoors (with supervision for younger children). 

The Catcherball game is a very traditional game but with a modern twist.  The two catch discs, which are attached to each players hands, ‘catches’ the balls and due to the material the ball sticks to the disc. It is a great hand-eye coordination game.

I play with the Catcherball with my 2 year old as well as my 5 year old and I adapt my technique for each child. They love it when the ball sticks to the discs and invariably play with the discs and balls without actually playing catch!

It is also such a great game to play with anyone, indoors or out, young or old.  It’s a great all round game which doesn’t cost the earth!  This is a rare combination.

This toy is available at most good toy retailers.

Disclalimer: This is a toy which we have bought.  All views expressed are my own.

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