Nutcase? I’m not and nor is my new phone case!

Your mobile phone is precious.  My mobile phone is precious.  Break it and we are lost, literally feels like you are missing a limb until you get a new one.

I’ve always put cases on my phone but I’ve never had a really good, personalised one until I was introduced to Mr.Nutcase, who provide quality, personalised phone cases and products.

The Mr. Nutcase website is so easy to use.  You click on the model of phone you have, the type of case you are after (leather one in my case), select the photograph template you want on your phone case and then simply upload the picture or pictures you want to have printed.  You could also select a picture or image from a range on their website.  Proceed with the order and wait.

When I say wait, I mean, practically before your laptop has cooled down you have received the new case.  I ordered my case on Friday afternoon and I received it on the following Tuesday morning.  That is an amazing turnaround for a product which is personalised! Outstanding service!

I ordered a leather case for the Samsung s3 mini. The case comes in white.  Which I was a bit hesitant about but once I received the personalised case it looks lovely. One side is white and the other has your picture/s on in your chosen design.  It would be nice if there were other colours available but the white is still a great colour with your chosen pictures on it.

The cases cost £19.99, which is great value for a leather case, personalisation and super fast delivery.

All I want now are more people to call me so I can keep looking at my case!


Disclaimer: I was the sent the above product to review.  All opinions and views are my own.


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