Shapes up nicely! Pop Chef, Push, Pop & Eat!

Have you ever had the tiresome task of getting the kids to eat certain types of food? (you know, the healthy snacks?! Luckily, my kids love their fruit but now and again when I’m giving them things like sandwiches for lunch they end up moaning about something or other. Welcome to the Pop Chef, the creative way to turn normal food into magical edible masterpieces!

I was sent the Pop Chef, Push Pop & Eat kitchen gadget which has really helped eliminate any kind of potential headaches.  It can be used on a variety of food types, sandwiches, fruit, pizza, cookies……basically anything where you would like the shape of the food to look a little more exciting.

I decided to test the product when making some cookies.  I made the cookie dough and used the shapes, which are supplied in the kit, to make white chocolate cookies.

The shape cutter was really easy to use and my son was excited to use the push, pop to get the shapes out of the cutter.  It was so easy to use he practically did the whole thing himself!  The shapes that come in the kit are circle, heart, flower, butterfly, sun and star.  They are all good sizes and perfect for little fingers and little snacks shapes.

It really is as easy as it says on the box.  You assemble the two parts in seconds, then make sure whatever you are making shapes out of is a flat shape and around 1cm thick, then get pushing and popping!

I also used it on a melon.  Fruit is never wasted in our house but as the melon was cut in different shapes it disappeared into hungry mouths really quickly!

I think this is a lovely little kitchen gadget.  It makes the most boring food (e.g sandwiches) into something a little more interesting and fun.  I’ve used it to cut my son’s school sandwiches and he hasn’t brought home any left overs since! There was a little wastage when cutting around the crusts but it’s no more than what he would have left behind normally.

It’s quite versatile as you can brighten up a fruit platter for parties and make kids pizza parties more attractive.
Kids (big and small) won’t go hungry ever again!
Disclaimer: I was the sent the above product to review.  All opinions and views are my own.

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