Singing with the Doc: Doc McStuffins microphone

Anyone with children under the age of 10 will most likely have heard and seen the show Doc McStuffins on the Disney Junior channel.

The show is all about a little girl who has turned her playroom into a doctor’s room for her sick and poorly toys. Her patients include her favourite toys, Lambie, Hallie, Stuffy and Chilly.

The show is fun, colourful and really easy to watch.  You will also join in when singing the theme tune.  Which is perfect, when combined with the new Doc McStuffins microphone!

The microphone plays the Doc McStuffins theme tune when the main button is pressed.  It is lightweight and strangely enough is not just aimed at girls (even though it’s a pink microphone!).  Check out my two boys, practically fighting over it to sing the song!

The microphone is sturdy, well made and is perfect for little hands (and grown up hands too sometimes!)

I was singing along and humming the theme tune once they had finished with it and for many days after, it’s such a catchy song!

The microphone looks like it is aimed at girls due to it being pink and purple, but in fact it is a hit with everyone. Its such a cute little toy and well worth the entertainment!









Disclaimer: I was the sent the above product to review.  All opinions and views are my own.

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