Cooking made easy, oh so easy!

Hands up who loves cooking?

Hands up who doesn’t like cooking, but still has to do it?

I’d say there were a mixture of answers there. I, personally, like cooking desserts (for obvious reasons!) but I have to cook lunches and dinners too, which I find more of a chore.

It’s the endless chopping, beating and mixing that I find a bit time consuming.  I’ve always thought, why doesn’t someone invent pre-chopped onions (like they do with carrots) just to make my life a little easier.

Luckily, for me, I was sent the amazing Russell Hobbs Aura, 6 in 1 hand blender. They say its a “revelation in ingredient preparation” and I have to agree with that.


This amazing gadget can do almost anything.  It has several attachments which you can use to do, blending, slicing, dicing, mixing, whisking, shredding, creaming…..I think the list could go on!

The hand blender is 600w (which you think isn’t very much, but wait until it starts!)

The bowl which comes with the hand blender is 1.2 litre, so big enough for all every day cooking and preparing as well as smaller cake mixtures.

Once the attachments are in place the blender can do:

  • processing
  • creaming
  • slicing
  • shredding
  • blending
  • whisking

It has a stainless steel blending leg and stainless steel whisk.

I have say, how easy the whole system is to use.  Even swapping, mid way through a recipe to change blades, is simple and easy to do. Obviously the blade is extremely sharp, so you need to be super careful.

You may think cleaning would be a chore, but again it’s not. Especially with all the time you have saved chopping and dicing and slicing, you don’t mind if you have to spend an extra couple of seconds cleaning it!

This hand mixer is so versatile, and very sturdy. It’s very easy to clean. The controls on the hand blender are very easy to use and easy to hold.  The power it has it very strong, even on the lowest setting it whizzes through whatever you are doing in seconds.  So, if you want something chunky cut, watch the blades carefully.

Even when I used it to make a batter, it didn’t overheat and get uncomfortable to hold.

For someone, who really didn’t want an extra appliance cluttering up my kitchen, I absolutely adore this and use it nearly every day. It makes cooking less of a chore and I actually love hearing the buzz of the blades! It’s definitely a must-have for the kitchen and great as Christmas present too.

We used the hand blender to make a variety of things, testing it out during the prep work for a dinner party!

Here’s what we did:

Mincing lamb




That’s how easy it is!

Disclaimer: I was sent this product to give an honest review.  All views and opinions are my own.

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