Clarks AW14 Collection

We are all aware of the amazing reputation Clarks has. We, as parents, trust and rely on their workmanship to deliver shoes which combine style and quality at affordable prices.

You may have grown up wearing Clarks shoes, or even buy their shoes for your little ones.  I have always bought Clarks shoes for my little ones.  I buy them, mainly, because I know they are good for little feet. Their history is amazing, one which many companies could only dream of,. over 170 years of caring for children’s feet.

I attended the press day for Clarks AW14 collection and although I thought I knew all about Clarks and what they offer, I was blown away with this collection.  I don’t say this often, but I am actually really excited about it!

As I mentioned, I buy my two boy’s shoes from Clarks, but I was totally unaware about their huge range of extremely fashionable and on-trend footwear.  They have extensive ranges that would suit any occasion. This collection really is about trendy footwear, which to some people may seem a little foreign with Clarks! But, believe me, you will not be disappointed.

There were so many shoes and boots which caught my eye, I will dot a few pictures of them throughout this post, but I have to say, the pictures really don’t do them full justice!

I was mainly drawn to the boys range, as I have two boys, but the girls collection of shoes and boots even caught my eye.  They were fashionable, funky and fun, everything a girl would want at that age, with the added assurance of comfort.  What more could a girl want!

The boys collection was the over-riding winner for me, for personal reasons!.  The creative team at Clarks have really outdone themselves.

The Full Pulse, Megalights hi-top trainers were a crowd pleaser. There is a beam of light which wraps all around the sole of the shoe. The light can be switched on and off, pulse and flash and the amazing thing is that the battery to do this is rechargeable via a USB cable, which comes with every pair.

I absolutely adored all the ranges of children’s shoes and the fact that each range is rigorously tested to ensure all shoes and boots last for a long time and are comfortable for children to play in all day long.  It certainly puts my mind at ease.

 Before I finish, I also have to, yes have to, add how amazed I was at the women’s collection. So stylish.  I have never been a fan of the adults range of footwear, but again, I was blown away.  I have already told my hubby to get the credit card cleared so we can go shopping! These are on my shopping list….

I was under no obligation to write this post. The opinions expressed in this post are honest and my own.

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