Doc McStuffins Clinic playhouse

Doc McStuffins and her little animal friends are a firm favourite in our house.  The message behind the programme is all about helping, healing and problem solving.

This really gets the children’s imagination going.  So I (and the children) were thrilled to receive a Doc McStuffins Doc is in the Clinic Playhouse.

The playhouse is a lot bigger than I thought it would be, which is great for children (and great value too!)  The playhouse is really sturdy and well made.  It means it will last a few scraps and knocks and will still look good.

When we opened the box, there were a few attachments which needed to be fixed, but the great thing was, these were done by the children, so the fun started straight from opening the box. Which meant, no frustrating waiting time for the kids while you frantically put things together!

There were a set of stickers in the box where you can personalise and pretty up the clinic.  Or, as in our case, the children wanted to stick them on one of their books!

There is a base which the clinic sits on, which my son attached, as well as placed all the little parts (e.g bed, desk, mirror etc).  There is also a lift which attaches to the side of the house where you can place Doc and she can ‘travel’ up and down the two storeys. The first floor is where her room is and the bottom floor is where the clinic is and where she helps all her animal friends get better.

The phone on the Doc’s desk rings, when you press it. The fish in the fish tank ‘swim’ when you toggle the switch. There is a slide where Lambie slides down. Haillie and Lambie also talk when you place them on the clinic bed.

My kids loved this playhouse and I really think it helps children develop their imagination. There is so much on this playhouse, that the children can be kept busy for hours! The only issue I had noticed was when the children were playing with the Doc, she was a little unsteady at times and would topple over. This didn’t seem to bother the kids as they put her in the lift and played with her anyway.

This is a great playhouse and reasonably priced, considering their is so much in their (around 15 pieces). My children also put their own toys on the clinic bed so the Doc could fix them. Hours of fun to be had by all children.



Disclaimer: I was the sent the above product to review.  All opinions and views are honest and my own.

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