Walkers launch Market Deli range – ultimate snack sophistication

Yesterday was the nationwide launch of Walkers new and exciting Market Deli range and last week I got to sample the new flavours at a fantastic press day.

The range of flavours and ingredients have been selected for their unique wholesome taste.  Ingredients which, on their own, taste amazing and fresh but combined with their flavour partners brings a whole new dimension to snacks. The ingredients from each range were lovely. You could really taste each ingredient on your pallet. It was amazing to realise the research and development that goes into each flavour combination and how this reacts to each person’s taste buds.

The range features pita chips (which I have to say were my favourite, so light and morish) tortilla chips (which again, were very light and flavoursome) and the classic potato chip. But, they weren’t just classic potato chips, in my opinion they were more gourmet potato chips, thick and full of flavour and crunch.  Perfect balance!

The Market Deli range come in eight flavours, in classic potato chips, tortillas or pita chips:

Potato Chips:

Cornish Mature Cheddar

Wilshire Cured Ham, mature cheddar and farmhouse chutney

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena (Aceto Balsamico di Modena PGI)

Flame Grilled Spanish Chorizo with Roasted Onion

Tortilla Chips:

Anglesey Sea Salt with Cracked Black Pepper

Roasted Red Chilli with Mediterranean Sundried Tomato


Pita Chips:

Roasted Garlic with Mediterranean Herbs

Roasted Red Pepper with English Tomato

The ranges come in large 165g sharing bags, RRP £2.39. The potato chips are also available in single 40g bags, RRP £0.83.

There were many flavours which Walkers had toyed with but they decided on launching their key flavours first. I have to say I am hoping they may release other flavours soon, as they sounded delicious and very different to these classic flavours.

The Market Deli range from Walkers are their deluxe or gourmet range. The ingredients they have sourced have been inspired by authentic delicatessens from across the UK and Europe. This attention to detail and flavours has certainly paid off as the flavours and crunch are great. Even my husband said how good the flavours were and how even though he was munching through a sharing bag, while watching the world cup, he felt he had hardly made a dent! So great taste, great ingredients and great value!



Disclaimer: I attended a press launch event for Walkers Market Deli. All ideas and opinions are my own.


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