It’s a magical time, so, lets get growing

It’s the season of growing and new beginnings. My children are fascinated by new plants and the growth cycle. Every day they have been anxiously waiting for their sunflower seeds to grow into sunflowers, watering them with care.

This understanding of nature and how to nurture plants to blossom is a really good learning skill for children of all ages.

This is why, when I was offered the Fairy Garden, from Interplay, I jumped at the chance to review it. Although, you may think of fairies as being quite girly, my boys loved it! They couldn’t wait to get started.

I was a bit dubious when I found out there was an accompanying 12 page instruction booklet.  I was fearing the worst, thinking I would have impatient children speeding ahead instead of waiting for me to turn the page! Luckily, the instruction booklet is very graphical, so you don’t have to read much, very child friendly, and, it’s only a guide, you could probably move things around and not have the items placed in exactly the same place.

The Fairy Garden comes with all you will need to create the magical fairy oasis. The only additional thing you will need is some soil/compost. There is even fairy dust included in the box!


You first need to put the compost in to the pot, which is provided. Then water the soil so that it is wet and firm.  Then start constructing the fairy cottage.  My son put this together so it can be done by children, although certain parts can be a little fiddly for really small hands.

Once the cottage was complete, he created the pathway, filled the fairy pond with water and fairy dust (as we all know fairies love water). There are also grass seeds and they were sprinkled all over the soil.  So, now we are waiting for the grass to grow. The toad stools and flowers were placed around the rest of the garden, and a little washing line was put up.  The fairy was then placed carefully in front of her cottage.

My sons wanted to keep on being creative and personalise their fairy garden. They decided that it was missing something and went into their toy room to find something.  They came back with a dog, a chicken and a car!!  Telling me that the “fairy needs to ride around when her wings are tired” and she needs to have some pets too!




The children loved creating this garden and we are all now anxiously waiting for the grass seeds to grow. It’s great that the kit didn’t need any additional items (apart from the soil). The kit is suitable for ages 4+.  Once the grass has grown, I’ll update this post with another picture.






Disclaimer: I was the sent the above product to review.  All opinions and views are honest and my own.

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