I didn’t fudge it….i made it!

I have been wanting to make fudge for ages, but just didn’t know how to do it.

I had heard that it takes a lot of effort (oh boy!), that’s probably one of the reasons I didn’t actually do it!

Anyway, I bit the bullet and tried it.  I have to say, it wasn’t as hard as I thought. It did take a little bit of stirring but, I thought that is good for the arms, isn’t it?!

Anyway, all I used was a can of condensed milk, sugar and butter.  There are lots of recipes on the internet, but if you want my one just comment and I’ll send you the recipe.

Once you pour the condensed milk, butter and sugar, you have to let it simmer and boil and stir continuously (for about 10-15mins).

Then you take it off the heat and beat it until it starts getting thicker (see the third pic).

Pour it on a tray and let it cool for a few hours. Then cut into squares.


If you want the recipe then send me a comment and I’ll let you have it!

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