Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – an Uggly’s toy review

Some toys are so beautiful to look at.  To touch, to feel, to cuddle, to stroke. Some toys, on the other hand, are absolutely Uggly (!).  And, I mean totally Uggly’s. Uggly as in The Gross Electronic Pup-Pet from Character.

Be prepared to be grossed out with this toy!


We were ‘lucky’ enough to receive one of these Uggly’s gross pets, Barf the St. Bernard.  I have to tell you, they say they are the grossest pets, and, believe me, they ARE!

Have you ever been in a crowded room and you hear a little ‘toot’?

Have you been in a car and heard a ‘burp?

Well, this is like that, but times it by a million!  As an adult, we were totally grossed out by the various noises the puppy makes.  The kids, were totally different.  They absolutely loved it! Couldn’t get enough.

They were practically fighting over who could make the grossest sound and who could make it burp/fart for the longest. They thought it was hilarious.

The toy is like a puppet, you put your hand into it and squeeze the mouth.  It makes so many different, obscene, noises.

There are four main puppies to ‘collect’ and each one comes with a little leaflet about that particular one you’ve chosen.

Barf, the St, Barnard, also has a little ‘fly’ button which can be pressed and a buzzing fly noise happens, which can then be distorted using the twisting button next to it.

If you want the obscene noises to last longer then you just keep the mouth closed, with your hand.

I had to listen to my son playing with this toy all the way from South East London to West London (an hour’s journey).  I actually got quite used to it and started playing with it myself!

Although, it says its for children aged 5+, my 3 year old played with it. He didn’t find it too heavy or bulky to carry.  It isn’t a complex toy, so he didn’t struggle too much.

It is a gross toy, so don’t expect anything else. Although, quite shocking at first, you do get used to the noises, but for grown ups its a short term toy. For the kids, they love it!

If you want to give a toy to a child who likes playing pranks or is quite easy going, then this is cool. It is fun and gross all at the same time (parents might not be too happy though, but that’s half the fun!)


Disclaimer: I was sent this product to review. All views and opinions are honest and my own.

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