Where’s Barny?

Barny Bear is an adventure seeking little bear. He likes nothing more than to experience new sites and surroundings with his favourite little friends (hungry little boys and girls…..big or small!) ūüôā

We rounded up our Barny’s¬†for a little trip from West London to South East London to visit our friendly and playful cousin. ¬†I needed to discreetly hide our flavoursome Barny’s from the prying eyes and roaming hands of my two little eager boys. ¬†If they knew I had two flavours on me, I wouldn’t have heard the end of it, whilst driving across town!

I hid the chocolate and strawberry Barny Bears in the boot (i can assure all Bear lovers, no Bears were actually harmed as we have a massive boot, which is actually open to the rest of the car).

To give you all a little background on these gorgeous little cakey bears, they are, well, gorgeous little cakey bears! In the centre of each bear you will find a delicious flavour. There are four flavours, chocolate, milk, apple and strawberry.

Barny contains no artificial colours or preservatives and each bear comes individually wrapped to protect the little bears from roaming fingers!

Once we had travelled across town to my brother’s house, I decided to have a Barny Bear Hunt with my two boys and my nephew. I hid the bears in various places around the house and in the back¬†garden.

I sat the children down and told them the rules (which I knew would be forgotten as soon I mentioned Barny Bears!).  They went on their way.  Hunting high and low.

The first to find their strawberry and chocolate bears was my youngest, Zain. ¬†He was so happy to find them as he hadn’t eaten them before. His little face lit up when he saw the packets glistening in their hiding place.

We then ventured outside.  The older boys were so excited. Tongues wagging, toes wriggling and mouths drooling! I let them loose in the garden.  Again, looking high and low, inside things even on top of trees!

I had hidden the bears in quite discreet places, so the boys really needed to work up a sweat for their treats!

They searched and searched………


……and¬†searched!¬† Then, bingo! A find! Joshua was so happy!

Then, the final instalment! There was still one pair to find.  Although two pairs had already been found, they still worked together to find the last pair. It was lovely to see them working as a team, for the greater good!

They upped their searching, looking in flower pots.  Even looking on top of heads and in each others hoodies! They were on a mission!

Looking in flower pots


         This is Joshua, looking in his hoodie for the Bears!



At last, a find!

Peace and quiet for 5¬†mins, while they savoured their Barny Bear’s.¬† Bliss!


Thank you Barny for being you! You are a treat to eat and a treat to find!

Barny Bears are available at all supermarkets.

Disclaimer: I was sent these Barny Bear’s to review. All ideas are my own.


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