Little Live Pets – review

My boys are at the age now where they want pets. I don’t mind, but my husband is a bit of a pet-phob! Shame really.

Well the kids were delighted when we recieved the Little Live Pets, butterfly.  It really took the edge off the “I want a puppy” requests!


I wasn’t quite sure the boys would play with the pink butterfly version we received, which is called Precious Wings, but I shouldn’t have worried. They were eager to tear the packaging and dive in.

There is a great little set of instructions to accompany the butterfly with all the ways to keep your butterfly/bird happy.

The Little Live Pets range come in a selection of either butterflies or birds. The butterflies cost £12.99 and the birds cost £9.99.  The more you play with them the more they respond. So, it really gives children an understanding of caring and nurturing needing for pets.

With the butterfly, we needed to put in 2 x AA batteries (which as most families know are essentials in a family home!) into the charger.

This is where the butterfly charges (or feeds) itself. It flutters it wings when it’s charging (make sure the button is pressed to the on switch). The butterfly also needed to face in the correct direction when charging and sits correctly on the charger so the connections are correct.

When you take the butterfly off the charger, you need to hold the butterfly by the base, it’s wings are very delicate.

Once charged, place the butterfly gently on your hand and watch it flutter. It is really light and smooth. The longer you play and charge it the longer it flutters on your hand and stays ‘happy’.

There is also a suction cup which displays the butterfly. Press it onto a window and insert the butterfly into the holder. This is just for display but looks lovely, rather than Ian box or drawer. It is also a great prompt to charge the butterfly, rather than putting it out of sight.


This is a great little toy for all ages and sexes.  When I was playing with it, yes a grown up, I found it really soothing and therapeutic!  The gently fluttering on the hands really soothes you after a hectic day, don’t ask me how, but it did!








Disclaimer: I was sent this product to give an honest review. All opinions and views expressed are my own.


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