Angel Delight-ful – bubblegum flavour

Who remembers Angel Delight?  I remember having Angel Delight when I was a child, as a special treat.  I’m not sure what made it so special, but the excitement when we had it was amazing.

Maybe it was the vibrant colour?

Maybe it was the delicious flavour?

Maybe it was the fact it was a sweet treat after dinner?

Maybe it was all of these!

My mother was a full time working mother, so making long desserts after a hard day working and cooking dinner was not going to happen.  Angel Delight was a quick and easy solution. I remember we didn’t have it in the cupboard as a staple item, it was bought as a treat dish, all the better.

Angel Delight does bring fond memories of eating together, enjoying together and celebrating together, it gives me warm memories.

To be honest, I haven’t had Angel Delight since those young days. So there’s been a 20 year gap!

When I was offered to try the new bubblegum flavour Angel Delight, I was a little apprehensive as we always used to have the strawberry flavour.  Bubblegum flavour sounded too sweet, but when we tried it, it wasn’t anything I thought it would be.  Not too sweet, not sickly, it was just like it used to be……a good, fun dessert!

I made up the Angel Delight as instructed, it only takes a minute and then about 5 minutes to set.  My kids were so excited to try it, they had never had it before.

My eldest helped make the dessert, as it’s so simple to do even a child could do it!

5 minutes later we were enjoying the dessert.  Now, I know some of you know that I like making cakes, but doing something so simple, is so refreshing to me! I loved the simplicity of it!






There are other things you can do with Angel Delight.  Did you know you can make the following with Angel Delight ( with any flavour of your choice):

– milkshakes

– ice cream

– cheesecakes

– ice lollies

– jelly shot glass with Angel Delight on top

There are so many things you can make, you just need to be adventurous.  It’s such a simple, easy dessert and the rewards are massive!

Go on, try it, there are so many flavours out there, there is bound to be one to hit your taste buds!

Disclaimer:  “This post is an entry for #AngelDelightMoments Linky Challenge”


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