Christmas Gift Guide – top toys – boys/girls

Christmas is a tiny stones throw away….”hooray” I hear most of you shouting, and I can imagine some very confused faces too!

Not to worry, here is a list of the top toys, costing between £6 – £79.99.  So, a great selection for all budgets.

Firstly, the hottest toy for 2014:

  • Xeno, the baby monster who loves to be played with.  This is a great toy for boys and girls, aged from 3 upwards.  It has so many functions that it won’t lose it’s appeal. I was fascinated by what it could do.  The games alone will keep kids boredom at bay on long car journeys for quite some time.
It looks gross, but it isn’t! This is available at most stores for around £79.99.

The Happy’s, are a cute range of animals who use infrared technology to perform tricks.  Keeps children entertained, without the hassle of a real animal.  Suitable for boys and girls aged 2 upwards.  Costs about £18.

  • Little Live Pets – these are an assortment of birds or butterflies which ‘come to life’.  Bird or butterfly cages are also available within the range.  The butterflies have a holding base which ‘recharges’ the butterfly.  When you put it on your hand it flaps it’s wings, appreciating you for playing with it. It’s quite fascinating. The more you play with it the more it responds to you.


The price for these range between £9.99 – £23.








  • How to Train Your Dragon – puzzle

This is great as a stocking filling or for fans of either the film or puzzles…or both! There are 3 puzzles and a great little poster.  Bargain for the price of around £5. Great for cold winter evenings or even after Christmas dinner.

All these toys are great little gifts for Christmas, birthday or any special occasion.  Happy Christmas and enjoy playing!

Disclaimer:  I was under no obligation to select these particular products.  I thought they would be a good selection of current and affordable toys for all budgets.


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