Remington Keratin Therapy Pro Straightners

We all love to look our best, especially during the party season. This doesn’t just mean, having nice clothes and nice make-up, but also, what shall I do with my hair?

I have naturally curly hair which is quite long and very thick and bouncy. So, for ease, I generally don’t do much to my hair as I find it takes ages to blow dry it (I don’t have the patience or the energy to do it!). I do, sometimes, straighten it, but not that often as it seems that mother nature hates me, I spend 30mins straightening my hair and then look out of the window to find it’s raining!  urgh!

Although I have, what I call, ‘trouble’ hair, I couldn’t wait to try out the Remington Keratin Therapy hair straighteners.  If they could deal with my hair, then they are a wonder product and should be placed in the hall of fame!


The straighteners came packaged in a lovely glossy box and also come with a very fancy travel pack (it looks like a little clutch bag!).  The straighteners are very sleek and comfortable to hold. They are digital, so they have a digital temperature gauge which means they illustrate what temperature the straighteners are and also their unique technology means the straighteners will stay at that temperature for the duration of use.  This means that you won’t lose styling effects by the straighteners heating up and cooling down all of the time.




Digital display. Shows the temp and lock/off button

As I said, I have naturally curly hair:

I took a section of my hair and straightened it so you could easily see the before and after. I only went over that section of hair once. The section was about 2cm wide, but still only went over each section once (it’s better for your hair not to go over it too many times as, over time, it can weaken the hair).

Anyway, enough of the science bit!  Here is the before and after, the pictures really do say it all!:


The results were great.  My hair felt so smooth and glossy.  The straighteners didn’t feel like they were pulling my hair, which, on hair as thick as mine is always a worry.
All in all, I really liked these straighteners. If they can work on my hair, they can work on any ones.

Remington are leaders in hair care and you can tell they have really thought well about this product; style, function and usability.  Ticks all round.

Disclaimer:  I was sent this product to review, but all views and opinions expressed are my own.

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