The Cold Truth – decongesting the common cold

The Christmas period, is not only a time for good cheer, it can also be a time for miserable colds and flu! Ba Humbug, I hear you say.

I’m suffering from a bad cold at the moment, so I am feeling sorry for myself.  You think you will avoid the dreaded winter blues and you feel like you are winning, then, bam!, it hits you like a ton of bricks!

There are a number of remedies, old and new, which can help, or feel that can. Olbas, the cold relief experts, have delved into some of the symptoms of colds and how to help relieve them, some of their findings can ring true with a lot of us, or at least put a smile on your snotty face! (it did mine!)

Their findings are diagrammed below, they are quite amusing, but also ring quite true.

Colds can get us all down and we desperately try and get better. Did you know that :

  • Twice as many women, than men, are prepared to forgo sex for one month than lose a good night’s sleep when suffering from a cold
  • 46% of us believe are work colleagues are the top cold spreading culprits (I can totally believe this!)
  • propping yourself up with pillows at night, helps prevent the night time coughing curse. When you lie down coughing becomes worse as the mucus builds up and drops onto your soft palate. The pillows help by not keeping you flat.  (I should have remembered this last night!!)

Some of the tips you may already know, but I was enlightened when I read a few…although I must remember to remember them too (my brain isn’t functioning at full capacity at the moment).

The Cold Truth, is certainly has helped me understand the common (and mean) cold!

Now, where’s my hot cup of tea?























Disclaimer:  I was sent this infogram, but I was under no obligation to write a post.

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