How fit are you? MeasuPro Pulse Oximeter

We have all over indulged over the festive period.  I am, probably like many of you, trying to be careful with what I eat after nearly a month of excess!

I do run (a little).  I have traditionally been a treadmill runner but I’m trying to push myself and run outside, it’s such a new thing for me and I am struggling a little, but I am enjoying it.

I know I am not unfit, but I am trying to get fitter. When I haven’t done much exercise and I get back into it again, my main aim is to try and get my lung strength back.  By that I mean, not getting out of breath so quickly.  Apart from knowing I can run further without getting out of breath so quickly, I realised that I could actually measure my fitness electronically too by using the MeasuPro Pulse Oximeter.

The amazing MeasuPro Pulse Oximeter is a tiny little device which  measures haemoglobin oxygen saturation and pulse rate. This is a vital piece of equipment if you are fitness training, so you can measure your recovery rates.  It is also an essential gadget to have around the house to measure your general level of fitness and oxygen saturation (basically how much oxygen you are taking in efficiently).

The MeasuPro Pulse Oximeter measures your heartbeat and oxygen intake via a little unit you put on your finger.  It takes seconds to read (and is totally painless) and the display can rotate around, by pressing a little button.

The Oximeter is battery operated and the unit comes with batteries (great news!). I took the above picture after I did a little 2 mile run. The 99 shows my oxygen intake (max is 100%) and the 60 is my pulse rate. The lower the pulse rate the better, if you are relaxing (obviously this depends on age and fitness).  I was pleasantly surprised how good this reading was.  I wasn’t as unfit as I thought!

When I took this to our family sunday day, the whole family wanted to know what their reading was.  They were all intrigued and comparing notes and wanting to improve their next reading.  So it is a great gadget to motivate yourself (and your family!).

This is a great gadget for finding out your fitness levels and also to find out your general health. The Oximeter is really easy to use, is not too bulky, comes with a lanyard and comes with full instructions. Another great feature is that it turns itself off on its own, saving battery power.  It is a great addition for all households.

Disclaimer:  I was sent this product to review and all views and opinions expressed are my own.


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