Lamb, aubergine and potato pie – comfort food

Pies are great. Savoury or sweet, they always manage to hit the spot.

I decided to make a lamb pie this evening (my eldest isn’t a  big fan of chicken and my hubby loves lamb!).

I wanted the children to get part of their five a day in the pie to so decided to add aubergine (which always goes really well with lamb) and potato and sweet potato.

I fried off the diced red onion with garlic, then added the diced aubergine to brown.  I then added the par-boiled potatoes and sweet potatoes.  I added a little freshly ground curry powder, just a little as it’s quite stronger (stronger than the shop bought ones).

I cooked this off for about 15mins with just a dash of water to stop anything from burning.

Whilst the filling was cooling I rolled the pastry out (shop bought I’m afraid) and covered the ovenproof dish.  I then brushed with beaten to make the pastry all golden.

15-20mins in a pre-heated oven and voila….a delicious dinner.

Try it for yourself, it’s so easy.


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