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HOME, the new movie by DreamWorks is an amazing new animated movie. We got to see it at a premier this weekend and I can honestly say it was loads of fun. See my HOME movie post here.

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To bring the movie to life, Flair, have brought out a range of toys celebrate this magical movie. The collection includes all the main characters in the movie, such as Oh and Tip in a selection of plush toys, dancing toys, dolls and pocket money collectibles.

We were given a few to review and I can honestly say that the kids loved them all. There isn’t one which was overlooked and not played with.

HOME – mood ears

I’ll start with the Boov ears. The Boov are the race of aliens who take over Earth and who Oh, the hapless main character is an outcast from. The Boov ears let you become part of the race. The ears are bendable to reflect each mood. You can choose which mood you want to be: happy, excited silly, angry, frightened, grumpy, bashful, sad, loving, naughty, shocked, joyful, cool, fascinated and doubtful. You can then bend and twist the ears to correspond to that mood.

The children loved this as they woke up in the morning demanding to wear the ears, even whilst brushing their teeth! They would decide what mood they wanted to be and put the ears on. The packaging comes with a guide of all the moods and the ears shapes. We have this pinned to,our fridge so that the kids can freely choose what they want.

The Boov ears are a great price at RRO £3.99 and they come in a collection of colours.

HOME – animated dancing plush Oh

One of the main toys was the dancing, talking Oh. This is a soft, cuddly toy which features three songs from the movie and four popular phrases from the movie. When you switch Oh on you can see him shuffle around the floor and waves his arms along to the music, just like the film!

This is a great, when switched off my little one likes to cuddle him and when he is switched on and dancing he loves to watch his moves.

The dancing plush is RRP £29.99.

HOME – The Shusher Wand

The Shusher Wand is a great role play toy as it is the same one Captain Smek uses to ‘Shush’ his fellow Boov. When you press the button you will hear realistic sound effects and real phrases from the movie. Inside the top is a hidden Smek which you can see when you press the button.  My boys have been using it to ‘shush’ me all the time!  (I may need to hide this so I can finish a sentence!)

The Shusher wand is RRP £9.99

HOME – Mood Bubbles

These great little pocket money treats are ideal for role play and imaginative play.  There are 18 to collect and are come with different moods, so lots to choose from.

Each mini figure comes in a gold standing dish and is then encased in a plastic orb (similar to the one in the movie).

Mood Bubbles RRP £2.49

HOME – Colour changing figures

These are great!  They are robust and change colour in response to heat and touch. If you rub the figure it changes colour and returns back to the original colour when cooling down.

My kids love to have these in the bath and watch it instantly change colour.  They fill the sink up with cold water to change it back and then drop it back in the bath with them.  Hours of fun!

Colour changing figures RRP £7.99

The range from Flair for the Home movie is quite extensive.  There are plenty of toys to choose from to suit all budgets and genders.  Go on take one ‘Home’!

Disclaimer:  I was sent these products to provide a review. All opinions and views expressed are all my own.


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