Five Guys burgers – 5 stars!

Hands up who loves burgers and fries?  I don’t think there would be many who would say ‘no’!

We love burgers, we generally make our own with fresh mince, but as tasty as they are they never have the same feel as ‘proper’ burgers.

Well, we had the opportunity to try ‘proper’ (you have to say it with that added emphasis on proper!) burgers at Five Guys’ new store in Ealing, West London.

Five Guys is a burger/hotdog and fries fast food franchise which first opened as a family run business in Virginia, USA.  The popularity of the food grew so quickly that franchises across America and now the UK are opening up.

We visited the newly opened Ealing branch.  The decor has obviously stuck with the recognised white and red branding.

Upon entering the branch, we walked to the back of the store and a very helpful member of staff helped us select our food choices.  As we hadn’t been to a Five Guys before (but had heard that the burgers were awesome!) the staff were particularly helpful.  They gave the children the time to choose their food, without rushing them, explained the menu, recommended favourites, even suggested not ordering extra chips as it will probably be too much!. I have to say, I was totally impressed.  Service like that is extremely rare.

Along with the burger choices, their are extra toppings you can choose from (which are totally free), like jalapeno peppers, grilled onions, relish, mayo, sauce, peppers etc etc). Just to make your mouth water even more!

At the counter you can see the open kitchen. Rows and rows of their famous Five Guys buns, which are thought to be sweeter and lighter than ordinary buns.

The staff don’t treat your food like rubbish, they really take pride in their preparation. It’s not just about churning them out but the whole experiece of ‘The’ burger!



Have I whet your appetite?!  Let’s get to it…..


We ordered two hot dogs, one with bacon, one veggie burger, one bacon and cheese burger, one oreo cookies milkshake with added chocolate and whipped cream, one oreo cookies milkshake with added chocolate, one strawberry and bacon milkshake (yes, I did write that correctly, bacon) and one oreo cookies milkshake, one little [plain] fries and one cajun fries. PHEW! The staff even cut my youngest’s hot dog in half so it was easier to eat!

All the hot food comes wrapped in foil, to seal in the moisture. The fries are made using peanut oil (so if you have allergies I’m afraid this isn’t an option for you), but I have to say, that way of cooking makes the fries so different from the rest.  They are delicious, not too oily, crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle.  Pure heaven!

Now, I know you are probably wondering about the strawberry and bacon milkshake….here it is;

The milkshakes are big and thick, perfect consistency. The strawberry and bacon milkshake (th at was one that I raised my eyebrow at) was my hubby’s choice. He was pleasantly surprised.  I refused to try it (as I don’t like bacon), but I gave in.  It was actually really nice.  The fresh strawberries was the first taste and then right at the last second, just as you swallow you got the faintest hint of crispy bacon bits. In terms of taste combinations it is similar to a salted caramel (sweet/salt flavour).




My hubby said “this is the best burger I’ve ever had“. My children were quiet for 20 minutes whilst they were devouring their hot dog and milkshake. My veggie burger was delish. The Five Guys are definately worth Five Stars! Only warning….take some wet wipes with you…..their is so much in your burger that you are bound to get a little dirty!


I have to also mention the complimentary peanuts.  These are flown in all the way from the USA.  I don’t know how they do it but the salted peanuts are not only salty on the outside shell but on the inside. And, its not the same kind of salted peanuts we get here, they are soooo moorish! Don’t fill up on these as you will miss your burger pleasure!

It’s no wonder that Five Guys has an online cult following and remarkable brand loyalty!

I totally recommend, Five Guys.  Amazing burgers and exceptional service.  We are definitely going back.

Disclaimer: We visited Five Guys, Ealing to give an honest revie . All opinions and views expressed are totally my own.

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