Great Gizmo’s Mini Stencil set

We recently received a mini stencil set from the amazing Great Gizmo people.  I love their products, they are so creative.

We received the Meadow Kids Mini Stencil (3+) which says it is aimed at boys. Personally, I would say it is unisex as the stencils have shapes, dinosaurs and various animals in them.

This little set is great for travelling as the box is sturdy and all the items (stencils, pencils, envelopes, paper) fit neatly in two drawers.  It’s a lovely use of space.

The boys were too excited to let me take pictures, they couldn’t wait to open it and start drawing.

As there is a special day for Father’s coming up in a few weeks, Joshua wanted to create a card for his daddy. It was really sweet.  Even though he had spent the day at school and had a swimming lesson, he was still eager to do this with no moaning! (He usually wants to plonk himself on the sofa and watch the ipad!)

When you open the box, the contents:

1 booklet of mini stencils (which included sea life, farm animals, wild animals, circus shapes, common shapes, letters & symbols)

5 colouring pencils

6 cards and envelopes

1 pencil sharpener

1 design booklet.

These are all laid out in two drawers:

The boys got busy selecting their stencils.  I initially thought it would be hard to share one stencil book between two children, but the stencil pages come out easily and can be put back easily too.

I also thought, the stencils would break quite easily, as the plastic looked quite flimsy but again, I was wrong (I won’t say that too often!).

The boys spent some time creating their cards and decorating.  Choosing “which stencil would daddy like”.  It was lovely seeing them work together.


Joshua created a lovely card for his daddy and has put a secret message inside (even I haven’t seen it). He has sealed it in the envelope and hidden it so he can give it to his daddy.  (His daddy loves sharks, has even swan with them, in case you are wondering why he has selected the shark!)


There will be happy faces all around when Father’s Day comes.

This stencil set is great for all children.  I was even getting involved. The stencils are great for improving writing ability, using imagination and generally being creative.  It was also lovely to see the boys communicating together to create something wonderful.

The stencil set costs £11.95 and this is a great buy for something that will keep the children entertained for hours.

Disclaimer: I was sent this product to give an honest review. All views and opinions expressed are my own.

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