WWF toy range from Great Gizmos

We are huge animal lovers in our household.  We love toys and games. We support the World Wide Fund for Nature (“WWF”).

Combine all of that and what do you get?  Amazing WWF toy range from Great Gizmos.

We were sent two toys; a Miombo Tumble Tower, aimed at 3+ years, and a 1000 piece jigsaw, aimed at adults.  I was happy to receive something that I could play with for hours, for once!

The Miombo Tumble Tower

This game is based on the popular tower blocks falling game. BUT, it takes it one step further!

Each block is made from FSC wood from well managed forests and features patterns from Africa’s Miombo woodlands including a giraffe, zebra and cheetah. There are 48 wooden blocks in each tub. I have to comment on how sturdy and well-made these blocks are. The sides and edges are smooth, so great for little (and big!) hands, no cuts or splinter worries. Even the box is beautifully made AND carries the WWF logo.


The aim of the game, once the tower has initially been made, is remove each piece carefully without letting the tower fall AND place the piece back on the top of the tower. A dice is thrown which determines which type of block can be selected (cheetah, giraffe, zebra, WWF panda logo or a blank piece). It really means you have to think hard for the whole game. It is loads of fun.

As it is so well made, this game will last for many years. Many years of enjoyment, whilst helping the WWF. What a winning combination!

This games retails at £21.95. It is quite pricey but you need to realise it does tick all the boxes:

  • Fun game
  • Thinking game
  • Hand/eye co-ordination
  • Balance skills
  • Supports a worthy cause
  • Long lasting
  • Well made, good quality game
  • Storage – the container it comes in, is it’s storage box too and it won’t break after a few games

This is a winner in our house.  Not just for the children either, I love playing it!

I love puzzles.  The larger ones give you a little grown up thinking time, whilst relaxing. This puzzle is no exception.

I was excited to start this puzzle.  Not only because I like puzzles, but because the picture were all relating to the world’s big cats (my favourite!). I knew it was a challenge, but I was eager to start.

Puzzles are infectious. You know once you open one and start, then people tend to come out of the woodwork somehow and start helping and then it becomes a great family event! That is exactly what happened here!

 It started with just me, then within about 15 minutes there were 4 of us working on it.

The pieces are quite small, so you really have to think about the picture and refer back to it all the time. It is challenge, but with all of us doing it, it was also fun.

It did take us quite some time to get the border done.  We still aren’t finished, but we have vowed that every time we get together we will all have another crack at it again.  I’ll post another picture of the finished puzzle.

This puzzle is retailing at £9.95, which I  think is a great price as the puzzle is really well made and also carries the WWF logo.

There are quite a few items within the WWF range from Great Gizmos. Click here to see them.  I think the whole range is great and it’s also a bonus when you get something you can enjoy which also benefits a great cause.

Disclaimer:  I was sent these products to give an honest review. All opinions and views expressed are my own.

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