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It may seems like summer holidays have just started, but it does feel like a short summer holiday…there’s only 3 more weeks until the kids are back at school. “Hooray” I hear some of you shout! ūüôā

In preparation of the new school year, we were invited to an exclusive show of Smiggle’s fantastic, colourful children’s stationery and gadgets range. ¬†When I say colourful, it really is colourful. ¬†There isn’t a colour not used in the store’s range of products.

If you haven’t heard about Smiggle, this is the store which sells all children’s stationery, gadgets and gizmnos. ¬†The ranges are quirky, fun and colourful, but also inventive and practical. And always, the talk of the playground (and at home when children come back saying their friends have a certain water bottle or pencil case!). The store reminds me of a child’s treasure trove, (think Paperchase, but aimed at children), but with the added benefit of adults going down memory lane at all the items they used to collect or have when they were younger. There were some of those moments for me when I went to the store.

Smiggle is an Australian company that opened it’s first UK store in Feb 2014. The Store has been so popular it currently has 25 UK stores and plans to open another 40 before the end of this year! The company also has over 185 stores in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

¬†Each store is a kaleidoscope of colour. Stock is changed frequently, so there is something new see at each visit. With all that colour you would think it would be a nightmare to find or see anything, but the Smiggle’s Genius (as I call it!) have colour coordinated their ranges. Reds in one section, blues in another, etc etc. ¬†It makes shopping so much easier. ¬†There is also a fun, creative area for the little ones to get doodling on whilst you shop away.

The stores Back To School range is perfect for trendy and creative children. The pencils cases are great fun, traditional and quirky fused together. The ranges and colours are extensive. The ranges include everything you could need for your school requirements, plus more gadgets. There was a great rotating kaleidoscope which beams the colours and images onto your ceiling. I thought this would be perfect as a night light for the boys.

We visited the Richmond, West London store. The staff are very helpful and knowledgeable about their products and functions.

The colours and ranges suit both girls and boys and a wide range of ages too (I’d say 3 years to 60!). The ranges aren’t just pinks and blues. There is a spooky ghosts and gouls section, which would be ideal for those who are interested in spooky images, but also perfect for Halloween. ¬†My youngest is born on Halloween so had to have a ghost snap band!

My two boys couldn’t leave the shop without some items (non-school related!). So we bought the Halloween inspired snap band, a red digital watch snap band, which shows the time at a touch of a secret button and a couple of spy pens (pens which write in invisible ink and you have to shine a light on the writing to display your hidden message).


press a secret button and the time displays

Thank you to Smiggle store, Richmond for a great evening. ¬†My boys are still beaming about their gadgets! See you soon! Next weekend we are doing our school uniform shop but I am sure we will be including Smiggle into that day. ¬†Smiggle isn’t just for school items, it is perfect for birthday presents or gift ideas. ¬†There are loads of items you could get as stocking fillers too (if you want to start thinking about Christmas already!) or even great as party bag ideas. ¬†The list is endless!

Disclaimer:  I was invited to the store and was given a goody bag.  This has not influenced my ideas and thoughts and opinions on this post.


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