Casdon Happy Helpers Henry Cleaning Trolley Review

We all need a helping hand with cleaning and tidying up around the house. So, start them young I say!

We were sent the Casdon Happy Helpers Henry Cleaning Trolley to review and it’s been a real help motivating the boys to help cleaning up like grown ups.

The Casdon Henry Cleaning Trolley is inspired by the iconic Henry hoover brand.  A brand which is easily recognisable, fun and functional and used throughout homes and offices across the country.

The Little Helpers Henry Cleaning Trolley is a little person’s version of all the items (apart from the actual hoover) you use to clean your home.

Inside the box are all the items needed to assemble the trolley.  The Henry Cleaning Trolley comes with:

  • a long handled broom
  • a mop
  • a cloth
  • a bag
  • a dustpan and brush
  • a squeazy cleaning bottle


The Henry Cleaning Trolley was really easy to put together.  Really easy for me as I didn’t do any of it, my 6 year old did it all!

There were Henry stickers and their famous eye stickers which needed to be stuck on various equipment (i.e dustpan, bottle etc). Both my boys got excited doing this part (stickers and boys = winning combination!).


The whole Trolley was very easy to assemble, is very light, but still sturdy and all the items have a particular place to be stored on the trolley. So, no lost pieces.

The boys love using the Trolley.  When I need something cleaning up, I only have to ask once, before I hear them running for the dustpan and brush and sweep it up.  It has really encouraged the little ones to truly become Little Helpers.



The Trolley is perfect for little hands. It is on wheels, so very portable. The mop, is obviously a mop, but my kids tend to use it as a hoover.

The Trolley is available at all usual toy stockists, priced around £15.  Which is great, and super cheap, if you think of all the time saved whilst the younger ones do the cleaning!.

There are a number of other items available in the Little Helpers range:

  • Hetty Cleaning Trolley (pink version of Henry)
  • Ironing Set
  • Pan Set
  • Henry Vacuum Cleaner
  • Shopping Trolley

These other items are all reasonably priced too.

I’m glad we were sent this product to review. I can sit back and relax whilst they clean up happily.

Disclaimer:  I was sent this product to review. All opinions and views expressed are my own.

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