Breakfast with Santa – Wyevale Garden Centre

As some of you know, I wrote a post about our forthcoming visit to Wyevale Garden Centre to have a festive breakfast and meet Father Christmas. You can read it here.
I have to say, we have all been really looking forward to this, and it really didn’t disappoint.
We got to Wyevale Garden Centre, just before our booking time, as the confirmation says to get there about 15mins early to be seated.  We got to the centre and our festive table was all ready, with crackers and table settings and table names.  It was really lovely.  The staff were amazing too, very friendly and great attention to detail. They engaged with the children (and adults!) and their customer service was spot on.
The children had their own little box of goodies laid out (their Christmas tree cookie, which they needed to decorate). They also had an activity sheet which kept them entertained whilst our breakfast was being made.

The staff came around with the drinks and before we knew it the food was arriving, hot and fresh.  We had ordered a full English style for my husband, I had a vegetarian option and my two boys had the children’s breakfast.
Man’s breakfast!

Children’s breakfast
Vegetarian breakfast
The breakfast was very lovely and the staff came round to top your drinks up. I could
tell they were busy, but it didn’t feel too bad.
Then, out of the corner of our eye, we spotted Santa.  He was so lovely. Very friendly to everyone and he came to every table and personally spoke to each child and family.  It was a lovely experience.
Once Father Christmas had been around to each table, he disappeared to his Grotto.  We finished our breakfasts and was called to go to the Grotto.  Inside the Grotto, was Santa and his little helper. The Grotto was a proper Grotto, decked out with amazing toys for boys and girls. Father Christmas, again, spoke to my boys and asked them a few questions.  They were well behaved for him (I wish I could take him home permanently!).  Father Christmas then let the boys choose any one of the toys to take home.  The range of toys were amazing, the best I’ve seen in any Grotto.  I was expecting the usual chocolate bar, but these were great. No wonder it took my two a little while to choose one.  They both opted for the dinosaur excavation kit.

We absolutely loved our experience at Wyevale Garden Centre.  You could tell that the staff were a little anxious, but they were really attentive.  One of the staff said there were nearly 100 people who were there for the festive breakfast.  It really didn’t feel that many and they made everyone feel really comfortable.

I would really recommend this.  The breakfast cost for children is £9.99 which includes the breakfast, Father Christmas meeting, present, cookie decorating and activities. As I said, the present is a really good one and the children enjoyed their experience.  Also, the garden centre itself is also a great visit and treat for the children.

All-in-all, a great start to the festive season!

Disclaimer: I was given tickets to attend this event.  All views and opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced.

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