Teletubbies toys range – revealed!

You may all remember that I’ve been ‘casually’ (!) mentioning the new Teletubbies toy range and I’m delighted to reveal to you the amazing range of toys now available.

We saw the amazing Teletubbies many years ago. The four brightly coloured Teletubbies aliens called Tinky Winky (purple), Dipsy (green), Laa-Laa (yellow) and Po (red).

The show stopped being shown on our screens in 2001 but last year, in 2015, they brought back a brand new series which is just as great as the original.

The series is based around the four main colourful characters living in Tellytubbyland and their little friendly characters Noo-Noo and the Voice Trumpets. In each episode the Tellytubbies interact with all their friends in different ways, teaching the young viewers various life lessons.

We were so excited to be receiving our fabulous Tellytubbies box, filled with the new range of toys.

We couldn’t open this box until reveal day, so we had to wait patiently. It was so hard, as we were so excited.

When we could open the box, we were met with the colourful contents.  How fitting for the Tellbytubbies!

There were a number of brightly coloured tissue paper parcels.  We excitedly pulled the wrapping off and there was a range of beautifully packaged and designed plush toys and collectable figures from the Tellytubby range.

The box contained 1 Tinky Winky collectable figure, 1 Noo-Noo train and 1 four figure family pack.

I also received a small Dipsy plush toy and a small Laa-Laa plush toy.  They are so soft and cuddly.

The final toy in the pack was the talking Po soft toy. We didn’t actually realised it was a talking Po until my little one gave it a big hug and Po started giggling.  My little one can’t stop hugging it now, and also sleeps with it!

All the range is suitable for +18 months.


The plastic packs are really well designed and the contents won’t get damaged whilst in them, which is great if you are buying them as a present for a toddler and need to post it. On the reverse it illustrates what other collectables goes with that range and the larger playset.

The Four-figure family pack is a lovely little set.  It’s RRP is £9.99.  Which is a great price for this well made toy.  The features on each toy are very natural and look exactly like the familiar faces we see on TV.

The toys are around 5cm tall and are well made and easy for little hands to play with.

They have the loveable features of the four characters and children will easily recognise them.

The Tinky Winky Toy and Noo-noo are exactly the same as the characters on TV too.

Tinky Winky collectable RRP £3.99

Noo-noo collectable RRP £3.99

We received the three soft toys (Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po). They are lovely and soft and great for little ones to use whilst travelling or role playing.

My little one absolutely fell in love with his talking Po. We first didn’t realise Po could talk until my DC decided to give him a big hug and Po giggled and laughed back.  My DC was hooked from that second on!

Po is lovely and soft and when you press his grey tummy ‘he’ says a few phrases (when I say ‘say’ you know it’s all in Tellytubbies speak, but the kids all understand what they are saying straight away!). Po is around 40cm tall and is very cuddly.  My DC even sleeps with him.

Dipsy plush toy collectable RRP £6.99

Laa-Laa plush toy collectable RRP £6.99

Po Talking soft toy RRP £9.99

Lunch with Po!

There are lots more ranges available and you can view them on the Character website,

Children of all ages will remember the Tellytubbies fondly and now the younger generation will get to experience them on a whole new level with the new toy range.
They are simply adorable.

Disclaimer:  I was sent these toys to review and to give an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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