Remington Silk Round Brush – giveaway

Us ladies (and some men) spend a lot of time and money on looking good. We especially like our hair to look nice.

The Remington Professional Silk Round Brush is one hair grooming product you wouldn’t want to be without.

It is a sturdy round brush with a great non-slip handle. The features are:


  • Round Brush with Nylon Ionic & Boar Bristles
  • Ceramic barrel reduces drying time
  • XL 53mm barrel for ultimate volume
  • Salon style sectioning pin
  • Boar bristles distribute the hair’s natural oilsย boosting shine for silky smooth hair
  • Ionic bristles reduce frizz
  • Rubberised handle for maximum comfort and grip


I love the added extra of the ‘secret’ styling pin.ย  This is hidden in the bottom of the barrel of the brush and is great for sectioning parts of your hair away whilst you style it. Great touch!

The brush is great for long or medium hair and thin-thick hair.

The Remington Silk range offers luxurious, expensive-looking styling with professional tools, so you can create salon-quality looks at home.

If you would like to win a Remington Professional Silk Round Brush enter here:

Remington Professional Silk Round Brush giveaway

13 thoughts on “Remington Silk Round Brush – giveaway

  1. My worst style was probably when I decided in the mid 90's that a bleached section in the front of my hair was a good look. Sadly it wasn't!

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