Blaze and the Monster Machines – fun at the party

On Wednesday 16th March, 1pm-3pm we were party hosts for the fun-filled Blaze and the Monster Machines Twitter Party! I have to say it was so much fun.  The Monster Machines party was based around STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and each game we played at an element of each of these learning techniques.  It was fast and furious….a bit like Blaze himself!

The kids had lots of fun, understanding the laws of buoyancy in the Science activity.

The food craft was particular good fun for them, all looking like the character’s fancy wheels.  Who doesn’t like decorating treats with even more treats!

They look “wheely” good, don’t they?! They tasted “wheely” good too!

 The assault course, made the kids think a little about how the sticks would come together to join properly.  They all worked fabulously as a team.

The children were very excited (aka competitive) about who could make Blaze travel the furthest. They beat me, so they were all happy about that!

The colouring in was a great end to the party.

All the children had such a blast and obviously loved watching the hour long episode too!

Blaze is on NickJr everyday, don’t miss it.  It’s a firm favourite in our house.

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