Blaze and the Monster Machines – Review

The new Nick Jr, animated series is a real big hit in our house. It is on every day and the boys thoroughly enjoy it, naming each character. My youngest has his favourite already “Crusher” (but it does seem to change each day!).

If you haven’t heard of Blaze, it is the new series on Nick Jr. which is all about a champion racetrack hero (Blaze) and the scenarios that happens in each episode. Blaze and his human driver (AJ), use Blaze’s amazing abilities of changing to any machine imaginable to problem solve.  There are other characters in the series who all live in Axle City with Blaze.

We were lucky enough to review a couple of the new Blaze toys by Fisher-Price. Fisher-Price have a whole collection of Blaze toys, which range from £5 – £20.


Blaze turbo Launcher

We were sent:

The boys found these toys a dream to play with. They were big enough to hold in their little hands, so they didn’t drop them too quickly (especially when they were flying them through the skies!).

As I would expect from Fisher-Price, the toys were well made, sturdy and without any hard or sharp surfaces, perfect for little hands. They were also very easy to use, the boys picked them up and immediately knew where the buttons were etc.

Transforming Blaze Jet – RRP £19.99


This is quite a large toy. It has a large button on the front button which makes a host of sounds and noises.  He transforms from a ‘normal’ racing car to a superb flying machine just by lifting him up. As soon as his tyres are off the floor his jet wings come out and he is soaring through the skies.  When you put him down his wings tuck back under and more sounds and phrases come out of him.

I heard my little one add to those sounds with his own personalised version! Very sweet.

Blaze Turbo Launcher – RRP £12.99

This is a great little toy.  Blaze is pushed back onto the launcher and when you press the big paddle on the back it launches Blaze. There is another button on the top which when pressed makes revving sound. Blaze also comes with two accessories that can transform him from a road racer to a helicopter. Press his paddle at the back and see how fast and how far he can travel.

We loved adapting Blaze to other obstacles, to see if he could get through them!

Die-Cast vehicles – RRP £4.99 each

You can collect the whole range or just your favourite characters.  These are lovely little party gifts, pocket money treats or great for stocking fillers (when the time comes!)

All the Fisher-Price Blaze toy range is currently available from Argos and Smyths Toys Superstores.

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Disclaimer: I was sent these products to give an honest review. All opinions and views expressed are my own.

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