Schleich First Dinosaurs‏ – Review

Schleich First Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs have always been a big hit in our house. I’m still fascinated by them so it’s no wonder that boys and girls of all ages love them too! When we were asked to review Schleich First Dinosaurs we were delighted to!

We all know how famous the T-Rex is, but there are so many other species of dinosaurs which roamed our planet all those years ago. My children love the pterodactyl, I think because it can fly and dive – it is pretty impressive.

The new range of Schleich First Dinosaurs were great and the boys were very excited. We sere sent two dinosaurs: a Dilophosaurus and a Dimetrodon and you can read reviews of other Schleich toys we have played with here.

Schleich First Dinosaurs

My first impressions of these Schleich First Dinosaurs were how well they were made. They were sturdy, so they could withstand lots of play and knocks without bits falling off or any damage.

Also, the attention to detail on the features and the scales, was amazing. The teeth, scales, eyes all looked very life-like.  This is great because it encourages the children to play with the toys a lot more if they actually look dinosaur-like, even if they don’t actually know what it is supposed to look like.

Schleich First Dinosaurs

There are five well known dinosaurs in the Schleich First Dinosaur range.  Each dinosaur has a moving jaw and an educational booklet which contains facts about that particular dinosaur.

The species includes the Dilophosaurus, Dimetrodon, Barapasaurus, Herrerasaurus and Dunkleosteus and the RRPs range from £7.99 to £14.99.

Schleich First Dinosaurs
The dinosaurs are aimed at children aged from 4 to 8 years old, which I think is the perfect age range. My children have been playing with them since they have arrived.  Using lots of role playing and combining them with other toys to make different scenarios using their imagination.  I hear lots of “roars” and “I’m going to eat you”.
This is a great range and these toys can be bought from lots of toy stockists. They are a great collection and once children have finished playing with them they can use them as display pieces instead.

Disclaimer:  I was sent these products to provide an honest review. All views and opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced.

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  1. I absolutely love the Schleich range. Such great detail and quality. They are slightly more expensive but ever so worth it. These dinosaurs look fantastic!

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