Warwick Castle – Horrible Histories Maze launching

Easter holidays are not too far away, so we all need to be prepared to entertain our little cherubs with fun, exciting activities.

We try and go away over Easter but this year we are staying in the UK and I am glad we are.  The UK has got lots to offer and we are heading to Warwick Castle to discover it’s history as well as experience the new interactive Horrible Histories Maze: Get Lost in Time, which opens this weekend.

We have lots of fun when we have visited other mazes.  Adults and children get to run around without a care in the world! It’s really liberating!

We are really looking forward to this, as it’s a new maze (we can’t cheat!) and it’s the UK’s first multi-sensory maze.

Being a Horrible Histories Maze, the focus is on bringing history to life in gripping and gruesome ways. This is a maze with a difference; the aim is not to reach the center, but to reorder the muddle that mischievous Rattus Rattus has made of time, and find the way out! Horrible Histories author Terry Deary asks visitors to put history right, catch that rebel rodent and get him safely under lock and key!

Each guest is given a passport which they get stamped at certain points around the maze and they have to move around the maze, there will be surprises along the way incorporating the multi-sensory element (e.g moving walls, puzzles, water etc).  

This sounds like so much fun, we really can’t wait.

The maze opens this weekend, from 19th March and entry is included in the admission price to the castle.  

Warwick Castle offers more than just a castle and a maze.  They also have opened a fantastic stay in their new Lodges.  Book before the end of March and receive 10% discount. Read all about the offer and the lodges here.

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