Warwick Castle – Horrible Histories Maze

On Saturday 19th March, the new Horrible Histories Maze  – which is an interactive maze, opened to the public.  We were one of the lucky few to experience the maze on opening day.

The Horrible Histories Maze – Warwick Castle

The Horrible Histories maze is a new and interactive maze.  It is totally unique and is the first of it’s kind in the UK.

This maze is different because you don’t have to find the middle of the maze, but you have to work your away through the six different historical eras and reorder the muddle that mischievous Rattus Rattus has made of time.

The children get a card which needs to be stamped in each of the historical time zones:  But you need to keep your eyes peeled and find those stamps.

There are crazy facts and fun cartoons dotted around the maze, as well as interactive puzzles and experiences. The facts aren’t just for the children to read and learn from, we read a few that we had long forgotten or not known! Education for the whole family!

You will feel like you have “Got Lost In Time!” when you experience this maze.  It was such fun and a totally unique experience for the whole family.

The Horrible Histories Maze: Get Lost in Time! is included in general admission. You can secure the cheapest prices by booking online, at least five days in advance. Tickets start from £18 per person or £72 for a family of four. Children under 3 years are free. Book www.warwick-castle.com
As well as the fun of the maze, the Castle has so much to offer.  Amazing birds of prey displays, the fantastic Trebuchet (which was mind-blowing!) and a ghost (we actually heard it, it had us talking about it for hours afterwards).
Disclaimer: We attended this event, to provide an honest review.  All opinions and view expressed are my own.

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