Has anyone been to been to Vegas?

I have a special birthday coming up later this year and last year (when it was my not-so-special birthday!) I decided that I wanted to go to Vegas!

Sin City!

Since December we have been trawling the Internet looking for flights, trying to find the best deals. We are very excited. We’ve even opened the holiday to anyone who wants to come and a few friends are looking into it too….so it could be a group of us going – even more exciting!

The dilemma we have now is where to stay! We have been debating and debating. Should we splash out and stay at the Bellagio (which is a 5* hotel) or stay at New York New York (which is 4*). 

There is obviously a price difference between the two, around £500 between us. We have talked ourselves into splashing out and talked ourselves out of it again.  We seem to be going around in circles.

The pro’s about staying at the Bellagio are that it’s a once in a lifetime trip, it’s a special occasion, we deserve it and it will be pure luxury.

The cons against staying would be it’s a lot of money for a little extra space, there’s nothing wrong with the other hotel,  we won’t be staying in the room much as we will be out most of the time, we won’t only be doing things around that hotel so it doesn’t matter that it’s central, we could put that £500 on a table and win big and buy the whole hotel with our winnings!

What do you think we should do? High-life or mid – high life?! 

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