How is your life at the moment?

Easter wasn’t that long ago, was it? Life just seems to be whizzing by!
It feels like a lifetime for me. Only because I feel like I haven’t stopped to take a breathe since before Easter!
The week of Easter was my eldest son’s birthday.  He managed to get two parties out of me for his birthday. So the first week we organised his first birthday party for 20 of his friends. You all know the headache of organising children’s parties, cake, party bags etc.
The following week, we had to organise Easter day, then the following week was my son’s birthday party no.2!.
Then it was our wedding anniversary, so I organised something and got cards and gifts.
Now, this weekend it is my husband’s birthday and, foolishly, I’m organising a surprise party for him and then going out the following day for his actual birthday!
All whilst working, looking after the kids and getting tonsillitis last week!
I’m pooped! Anyone want to have my life for the next few weeks?! 
Roll on May Day bank holiday! Busy Bee’s get to relax on Bank Holiday’s don’t they?!
Has anyone else got so much to do in such a short space of time?  We need more hours in the day!

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