Primary school places announced

Last year we were all stressed filling in forms, getting in the correct paperwork, countersigning documents, panic setting in, deadlines looming!
You hand the forms in and then reeeelax!
It’s just a case of waiting for your child’s school place to be announced.
This week, our borough send out text messages to parents to let them know what school their little cherubs got into.
For some reason, I had completely forgotten about this. Why? How?
I remember when it was my first child’s announcement I was eagerly waiting. Hitting that refresh button every few minutes.
This time round I’ve let it slip my mind.
Maybe because I had only applied to one school. Maybe because he has no other option.
Those are all valid points but that doesn’t guarantee him a place.
Who else forgot about the admission announcement and how did you get on?
Good luck everyone, I hope your little ones get into the preferred schools.

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