Schleich Wild Life range – Review

Get up close and personal with Schleich’s Wild Life range of toys.

Schleich are renowned for producing authentic and authentic pieces which are hand painted with care. This dedication shows in the quality and likeness of all the animals created. Schleich Wild Life range really look amazing.

For 2016, Schleich, has divided its themed play world Schleich Wild Life into four habitats: Safari, Ice & Ocean, Jungle and Forest. We were delighted to receive products from The Safari and Ice & Ocean play worlds to play with. The ranges are all aimed at pre-schoolers, but I think older children would still find these fascinating. Especially ones who are into wildlife.

Schleich Wild Life, Ice & Ocean range

We received the shark set which contains three of the most dangerous sharks; The white shark, the blue shark, and the tiger shark.


The three sharks came in a cardboard box (with the sharks placed in plastic moulds inside). Inside the box there was an ocean scenery which can be used whilst playing with the sharks.

These sharks are very life like (I’ve watched lots of  wildlife documentaries!). They are well made and give the children lots of chances for role playing and ‘eating’ swimmers!

Safari range
We were sent the Lion Cave set to play with.  The box is quite large as it has the ‘stone’ cave (which needs to be assembled) and the base plate. The cave is in two parts which needs to be pushed together and then placed on the desert floor (the cave is pushed in to the floor so it won’t move around). There are also desert plants which can be placed around the cave.  The lioness also has some remains from a previous kill – a real looking animal bone!

There is also a desert lioness, which is using the cave as shade, away from the scorching sun, before she goes out to hunt.

This playset is quite impressive and the children all went “wow” when they saw it.  The lion is very realistic. With all features included (whiskers, pink mouth, even the underbelly with teats).

As you can see with this final picture, the children’s imagination was on overdrive, as they got their other Schleich dinosaurs to try and attach the lioness.  I didn’t stay to watch the carnage! But it proves that the playset does indeed get their imaginations racing!

The Schleich range of toys are diverse and life like. All children are fascinated by them and love to play with them. They are so well made that you know they will last and last and also be a great addition to those avid wild life collectors out there!

Schleich Wild Life range and The Lion Cave and Shark set are available from all good toy retailers.  RRP £9.99 – £16.99.

Disclaimer: These products where given to me to review. All opinions expressed are all my own and have not been influenced.

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