Educational Play the Schleich Way

You may have read my previous posts about Schleich and the range of toys. You can read my previous post here.

Schleich are always adding to their already impressive range of toys and demonstrating why they are leaders in their field of providing educational toys.

toys figurine creative play
Part of a new range of toys by Schleich

They recently launched a new campaign which highlights their toys and the educational interests of their ranges and they have also produced a really helpful brochure “Educational Play the Schleich Way”. This brochure explains how and why Schleich are leaders in educational figurines.





The new brochure gives you hints and tips on a “balanced play diet”, mixing active play, creative play, social play and free play to create an all rounded playing experience for our little ones. We all know to have  a balanced diet, but this also applies to our child’s development.

The brochure was really helpful and it was laid out in a format which was easy to understand. The balanced play diet is a great way to illustrate the different forms of play for young minds.

There are some great game ideas, which kick starts your child’s imagination and helps you interact with your child during their play time. I will definitely be trying them out (great for long car journeys maybe?!).

Schleich toys are universal, you do not need instructions to use your imagination and get creative. That is the simplicity and appeal of all of their range of toys, whether that the dinosaur range or the farm range.

The toys are well maSchleich wildlife toy figurine educational de and extremely realistic. The attention to detail is amazing.

As you can see from the elephant figurine, the body of the elephant has all the characteristic lines and wrinkles you would get from a real elephant.

The facial features on all the animals are true to scale and eyes, teeth and ears are accurate and very realistic. They detail on the face really brings the animal to ‘life’.

I have mentioned in my previous posts about the range of Schleich toys and the durability of them, but it needs to be said again. There aren’t many toys which can take a lot of play and then still look like they are brand new. I have donated a few of our excess Schleich toys to my son’s nursery and I can see the enjoyment in the children’s faces when they play with them. The condition of the toys are always immaculate, no matter how many little hands have been playing with them.

My boys tend to play with their toys at home, creating scenes and scenarios. I hear them talking with their toys too. It;s quite sweet. They also take their toys on journeys with them. Some of the toys have been to parks, been buried in sand and gone down the slides at the park. They, like me, love that they don’t break.



I was provided these products to provide an honest view. All opinions expressed are my own.

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