EU Referendum – be sure of the facts

Europe EU referndum

Unless you have had your head in the sand for the last few weeks, you couldn’t have missed the huge importance of today – the EU referendum day.

Every vote, today, will count towards this historic referendum.

I’m not going to write about which way to vote (although secretly I would want you to vote the same way as me!). Which ever way you vote, make sure you know the facts.

If you are among the large population who don’t know what to do, go and do some last minute research. Forget the flash words that have been branded in the media and forget the debates that have been on TV, find some independent articles on the internet and read those. Like, the majority of the population who don’t know how the EU truly works, get your facts from an independent source. ¬†There is still time.

Don’t listen to the Remain side (if you are a Remain or Out voter) and don’t listen to the Leave side (if you are a Leave or Remain voter) listen to the independent sources, this is where you will get the realistic, honest and true facts about the EU, how it works, what would happen if we stayed, what would happen if we left. If you do some research, you will find out some interesting points – which may make you think differently.

To me, I feel like this decision is more important than the general election. This will effect each and every one of us, immediately and for a long time. It is a decision which you shouldn’t take lightly.

Vote sensibly, once you have all the facts and, please, please, please don’t vote thinking just about immigration, that’s such a buzz word at the moment. ¬†Which ever decision you make, that should not be the only word you hear about this referendum – Britain is better than that!

Now go and vote!


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