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Summer is finally here and this means many of us will try to tone up or get fitter for the summer months. This also means gyms  will get busier and busier. It can be quite tiresome in the gym and you have to be really motivated to do a workout on your own. I have to admit, I’ve been one of those gym people; pounding the treadmill or queuing up for a machine, wiping it down or even trying to figure out how to actually use it! HeyWorkout

So, when I was offered to try HeyWorkout which is an online fitness and yoga class I jumped (star jumped and then planked!) at the chance to trial the service.

HeyWorkout is designed to be a convenient at-home full body workout. The sessions are grouped in either Yoga or HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). There are recorded or live sessions of HIIT or yoga workouts.

The site is aiHeyWorkout exercisemed at anyone who wants to get fit/get fitter or stay fit and toned. There are even dedicated exercises for post-natal and pre-natal mums.

All the routines are performed by expertise instructors and last 30 mins (result!). The post-natal and pre-natal exercises vary from 3-20mins.

The convenience of HeyWorkout is not only the classes lasting a manageable 30 mins, but the fact you can do it in the comfort of your own home. I struggle with the gym times. There classes last an hour and going for a workout can take just as long, plus there is travelling time to factor in. So, you could be taking around 1hr 30mins to do a session.

Also, with HeyWorkout, I don’t have wear ‘decent’ gym gear, I can wear whatever I want, as no one will be seeing me! #win

I have taken a mix of classes. HIIT classes, Ab workouts and Yoga. My level of fitness is average. I can jog a few miles before crashing into the cake shop but I generally don’t do anything else. HeyWorkout exercise

I was looking forward to the Ab workouts, as after having two children, I could certainly tone the mummy tummy. The Ab workout (recorded session) was really good. The instructor (Tina) was really positive, had great enthusiasm and really kept me motivated. I have to say I did do slightly less reps that she was doing (she is super woman after all), but I felt the ‘burn’ 5 days later! It was great.

At the time I could feel the stretch on my abs but I didn’t think the burn would last 5 days (it’s only ever lasted 2 days before). I put it down to the technique which Tina says to do and the reps and specific exercises.

I’m not a huge fan of Yoga. I’ve tried Yoga classes several times, but always come out thinking that it was a waste of time and I can’t ‘feel anything’. I’ve always thought, if you don’t sweat it can’t be proper exercise, right?

Wrong! I did the basic Yoga class (recorded) and I could feel the stretched. The little aches and pains and get from running were eased out. It was totally rejuvenating. The back stretches were amazing. I still do them now, even without doing the classes. I won’t say I’ll be doing Yoga all the time, but I will certainly try and fit a few sessions in now and again.

HeyWorkout info

I have to mention the live classes, as this raised my eyebrow a bit. I was a bit concerned about live viewing. I did try it and you do have the option to turn your camera off, so all you see and hear is the instructor.

The instructors are great as they give some really positive vibes and make you keep going. Unlike a DVD, which most of us have switched of before the end, the instructors keep the classes interesting.

We all know how pricey gym membership can be and HeyWorkout is a real and usable alternative. We waste hundreds of pounds on gym membership and not going. HeyWorkout is really affordable and motivating. Monthly access costs £12, but if you sign up for the year that is significant saving.

My overall opinion, is that HeyWorkout is a great service for anyone of any fitness ability. All I needed was a mat on the floor. I either used my laptop to login or I hooked my laptop to the tv screen and had a bigger screen. HeyWorkout is convenient, great value for money, motivational (even my kids were doing some of the exercises!) and fun. It’s a winning formula!

If you would like to try out HeyWorkout for yourself. There is a free 14 day trial here. You won’t regret it.  At the very least you are going to pick up some amazing tips on fitness.

Also, the HeyWorkout team would like to give one of my readers a one month’s free membership to the site. Enter the giveaway below:

HeyWorkout 1 month membership


Disclaimer: I received a month’s membership for the purpose of this honest review. All opinions and views expressed are my own.

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