Summer Grooming

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Summer is here and this is the time where women take a little more care on their grooming habits. We tend to preen ourselves quite a lot over these hotter months.  Not only because of the change in weather and clothing, but generally because it is more hygienic.

Us women tend to cut our hair over summer, especially if it’s been really long. Long hair just makes you even hotter. We shave/wax/laser our legs and underarms, all in the name of beauty and smoothness.  Smoothness is the key factor for summer it seems!

I’ve always thought that men should do just as much preening as women during these summer months. If it’s ok for us, then it should be ok for them, don’t you think?  Men can take just as much attention to their hair as us women do. They could easily attend to their underarms (and I know lots of men who do), this one small grooming practice would lessen the stifling effects we endure on the tube/trains when stuck under a man’s arm. It might seem alien to some men, but once you done it, you’ll feel liberated!

I also know quite a few men who, over summer, decide to take the plunge and shave their heads. They say they love to feel the heat on their scalp and don’t want the hassle of sweaty heads during the really hot summer periods. Very practical thinking.

Men’s grooming is a fine art. We women don’t realise how hard it is for a man to find the perfect gadget to do their grooming routine. Us women either use wax or razors and, generally, we aren’t fussed which ones we use (we obviously have our favourites!).

Startifacts is a great website which highlights the best products for specific grooming procedures (head shaving/hair trimmers/electric shavers etc). It is written by a husband and wife team, so caters for both men and women. Apart from the reviews, here’s the review page on the best electric head shavers (perfect for those men who love the sun on their scalp!), the website also gives great hints, tips and articles on general skin and hair care. There will also be interviews with industry experts, so watch out for those.

Whether you are a groomer or not, this site is great for all round hair ‘maintenance’.


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