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Best of British Drumond Park

We love family games so we were delighted when we were sent The Best of British board game. The Best of British is a fun, family quiz style game made by the geniuses at Drumond Park.

This game is for 12+ years, for 2 – 6 players and it’s RRP is £29.99.

WBest of Britishe love quizes, it can get quite tense when we play family games. Sometimes I feel like we tactically choose our team players depending on the board game, but as we had never played this game before we were all on a level playing field!




The rules are quite detailed, but they make sense (sometimes, this is the part where we invariably lose people’s interest, but we all stayed and listened!). The Best of British can be played individually or as a team. We divided ourselves into two teams. The aim of the game is to ultimately travel around the board and answer your questions correctly to be able to get to the Winning Zone and then correctly answer a final Bonus Question.

Best of British

Britain is an eclectic mix of culture, history, experiences, people, places, sounds, smells etc. All these elements, which make Britain, so great have been used to create the questions for this game. Some of the questions really get your head scratching. Sometimes you take a wild stab (and in a few cases can amaze yourself with the right answer), other times you are scratching your head as you are amazed you didn’t know the answer!  There are some easier and trickier questions and it’s all pot luck who gets what.

On each round, the Question Master for each team picks a card. The categories for these questions could be a Picture Card, a Themed Card or a Pot Luck Card. The Question Master has to conceal the answers from everyone, as if one team get the answer wrong it can be asked to the other team/s.

We had lots of fun playing this game and it was nail biting at the end, as the players who thought they were going to win, didn’t, as the team who were losing overtook them and won the game! It was a dramatic ending…I won’t brag, but I was in the winning team!

We all enjoyed this game. The range of questions meant that sometimes you would instinctively know the answer, or you would have to have a think or you just wouldn’t know at all. It really kept your interest. The opportunity to answer the opponents question meant the game was continually changing as teams were losing or winning constantly – it was a roller-coaster type game.

The true test of the game was really at the end, after the game was finished. I waited to hear the response of the rest of the family. If they wanted to play again, the game was a keeper! So, what did they say?  “Let’s play this again next time”. There you have it, our seal of approval!

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If you would like to win your own Best of British board game, by Drumond Park. Please enter the competition below:

The Best of British

Disclaimer: I was sent this game to provide an honest review. All views and opinions expressed are my own.





85 thoughts on “The Best of British game review and competition

  1. We love board games too and are always looking for something new. This sounds really good but we are very competitive so would probably play as individuals. As long as the questions aren’t “modern” music I have a fair chance!

    1. We are very competitive too! The questions are very mixed, ranging from easy to hard (the art ones I find hard!). Topics are varied so it’s good for everyone.

  2. It’s got to be Monopoly for me – you’ve really got to carve the time out for it though because it can go on forever! 🙂

  3. We played monopoly a lot as a kid and the other was frogger. Our other favourite was Ker Plunk.

  4. Me and my partner love to play scrabble! With the family we love Cranium or the Logo board game.

  5. Monopoly! We seem to have a bit of a family addiction to Monopoly – 12 different versions at last count!

  6. We all enjoy a game of Trivial Pursuit with the ‘Disney’ version being the most popular with the whole family. x

  7. Love board games at the minute we are playing hotel tycoon but also love monopoly and game of life

  8. we love a family game of Game of life or cludeo…. cant beat the classics. We have a family game night almost every weekend so we are always on the look out for new board games xx

  9. Our favourite game at the moment is TeleStations. It is such a fun game and we have hours of laughter playing it!

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