Confessions of a summer parent 

Marathon training

Anchor have set the challenge to see how the ingenious tricks parents use to keep their little kiddies entertained throughout the summer holidays.  I’ve listed a few ideas to keep the kids (and us!) entertained over the summer seasons – confessions of a summer parent challenge!

Confessions of a summer parent – my tips

We all know how difficult it can be to keep the kids entertained over the summer months. Especially when we are reliant on the weather.

  • When the wMarathon trainingeather is good we are going to challenge ourselves to run a marathon before the end of the summer holidays. Sounds like a challenge and a half for young ones (mine are 7 and 4), but with this chart which I’ve put together, it will help us to achieve this mammoth task!

Every other day we will go out and run either 2 or 3 kilometres and by the end of summer we would have built up 42km, which is equivalent to the length of a marathon.

This gives us something to do and achieve over the summer. I’m going to get some medals made up for the kids to acknowledge their achievement!

  • On those rainy days I’ve also agreed that the boys can play their favourite computer game (the one with the boxes…you know which one!) BUT they have to earn their time to play their computer games. So, if they do 10 mins of exercise / activity (treadmill, trampoline, running etc) then they have earned themselves 20mins of computer game time. Sounds harsh, but at least I know they will be getting a bit of endorphins going.





We also act out our favourite television programmes without actually watching television! this is
a fun, as the kids really get into it and get creative.  Try it out!



  • paintingPainting is also a good option to have on rainy and sunny days.  They can get their creative j
    uices flowing and you can also join in. Get someone to grade all your work, to make it a little interesting!



And my main confession….if all else fails.  Don’t feel guilty about letting them sit in front of the television watching their favourite movie or television program. I would join them if they were watching a movie, forget the washing up or cleaning, that can wait…have some family time, spoil yourself too!

How will you get through summer?

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