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Oxygen Freejumping

It’s summer holidays – we need to keep our children occupied so we don’t hear the “I’m bored” statement too many times.  This is where Oxygen Freejumping are amazing!.  We were delighted when they got in touch to say we could visit our nearest branch, in Acton, West London.

If you haven’t Oxygen free jumpingheard of Oxygen Freejumping, they are the UK’s No.1 trampolining park.  We have a trampoline in our back garden so we all love jumping. The trampoline park combines adventure, fun and jumping together.  My boys were so excited to go.

When we arrived at the Acton branch, we had to register and get our branded socks (which cost £2, but if you have your own trampoline socks you can bring those), and are compulsory to wear during the whole stay and lock our shoes away in the number generated lockers (no pound coins needed!).  We then had to watch a safety video (which lasts about 2 mins) before heading through the magic doors. It felt a little Willy Wonkerish walking through those doors and seeing the space and all the equipment.  I’m not going to lie, the adults and kids all had an intake of breath!Oxygen freejumping

The children didn’t know where to run to first, but they chose the first dodgeball pit. The trampolines are all at feet level, so there is no climbing in or out of the jump area. You just run on to a free space. There were trampolines on the floor and on the walls, so you could bounce vertically and horizontally.

You have a one hour slot to experience the trampoline park which contains connected trampolines, an obstacle course, foam pit, dodgeball, jumping runway and airbag.

The20160804_115500.jpgre tramfree jumpingpoline park is safe and clean and children (and adults) are free to move between all
the areas whenever they please.

It was lovely to see the children shyly jumping on the trampoline and then very quickly start bouncing off the vertical/wall trampolines with ease. I even tried it out and it was loads of fun. I was managed to fall in the foam pit (where the obstacle course was), so I can testify that no matter where they jumped from they would land on something soft, the foam literally covered you up like a warm duvet!

free jumping cafe


Running around the trampoline park is tiring, as well as exciting.  There are water fountains to quench your thirst, but if you want any juices or snacks there is also a lovely cafe upstairs. The usual juices, crisps, chocolates, tea, coffee, biscuits and other snacks are available and it isn’t too expensive.

The entry price is £12.50 for 1 hour, if you want to jump more you can book consecutive sessions.  During the hour you have access to the whole park.  If you have under 5’s there is a lovely Little O’s section where your precious little ones won’t feel scared and can still experience the trampoline park.

The Acton branch staff are helpful and attentive having a few jokes with us and taking the mick out of the grown ups to the children, which made them giggle!

We really enjoyed our time at the park. And we will definitely be visiting again. The park is loud, but it is filled with fun and laughter (and some adult screams…when I go on the trampoline!).

There are branches in Acton, Derby, Leeds, Manchester, Southampton and Wigan. Contact your nearest branch for planned activities and opening times to get your SUMMER HOLIDAYS SORTED. The Acton branch even have a free pizza hour slot – much needed fuel for more fun!



Disclosure: We attended the park to give an honest review. All opinions and views expressed are my own.




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