Maths puzzle with a difference

Maths puzzle

Combining the love children have of puzzles and helping them learn basic maths may be a tricky combination, but, with the  Maths Space Theme puzzle, it certainly is a maths puzzle with a difference!maths puzzle

The Space Theme puzzle is from HappyCalc. They supply this fabulous maths puzzle game which not only teaches number from 1 to 10, but also helps little ones gain confidence in their maths.

The puzzle has the usual different shaped pieces which need to be connected, but the difference with this is each piece can be fixed to any other piece you choose. There are a selection of puzzle numbers (1 to 10). You select what combinations of those you maths puzzlewant to add up (e.g 1+3+2). Your child adds those up and gets the answer puzzle piece and joins the ‘question’ numbers with the answer piece. The child then has the opportunity to getmaths puzzle creative and select any space themed puzzle piece to attach to an end to create a wonderful collage of pictures and maths puzzles.

My child loved this. He adores puzzles, but when it comes to maths he knows his basics, but shies away from anything he doesn’t know. With this puzzle he was happily adding up the ‘questions’ he had created and solving it and finding the answer. He wouldn’t stop (I had to make him stop so he could eat his lunch!) and then went back to it afterwards.

The puzzle pieces are strong and well made, but I have to comment that some of the holes don’t fit exactly to the other pieces. I initially thought this would be a problem, but because this isn’t a standard puzzle set and it has the extra aspects of addition calculations, it didn’t hinder the enjoyment of the puzzle. Zain happily played with the puzzle until we had run out of space on our dining room table.

The concept is good and it really encourages children to develop their maths knowledge and understanding. On top of this it also enhances children’s confidence in themselves and trying new and different things, which is a major advantage in learning.

I thoroughly recommend this puzzle for pre-school children or even early years children. It isn’t a conventional puzzle and can really help children engage and understand maths. The price is $39.99 and can be bought from here


Disclosure:  I was sent this product to provide an honest review. All opinions and views expressed are my own.

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