Reality stars – we don’t need them


We have heard some of their names and seen some of their faces. We may know who they are, but do we really care? I was flicking through the television a few days ago and was a bit surprised to see so many channels taken up by reality tv and their loosely named reality ‘stars’.

Sorry to sound so old, but how are these brash, uneducated, rude, disrespectful and arrogant people on our televisions? Why are these types of people on prime time television, influencing our children’s mind.

I understand these people are young adults, or fully fledged adults misbehaving. But, why is their behaviour tolerated? The public seem to forgive appalling behaviour and characteristics if we are able to laugh at that person or we think they have  a good body, or lovely hair!

What has happened in these people’s upbringing to be told that this kind of selfish, horrendous attitude and behaviour is acceptable? Do you think they have proud parents? If my children spoke and behaved in that way I would be ashamed!

Trash tv is trash tv. It will always be on shown, but why has the shift moved from occasional shows to a plethora of shows on each channel? Why have we got this obsession with it? Maybe it’s the television companies, maybe they have run out of clever ideas, maybe it’s cheaper for them to produce those kind of brain dead shows, than a decent drama.

Bring back decent comedy, with talented writers. Bring back original dramas (#broadchurchisamazing). Bring back great panel shows with real talented people, NO REALITY PEOPLE.

Reality people are NOT reality stars. They do not have any talent. The bubble they live in encourages their behaviour. They give young adults a really bad name and they should not be able to be on tv in the first place.

How have we got to this?!!

Rant over…….

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